If during this talent crisis only 11% of industry representatives are actively investing in talent, how can we expect success?

This morning EP were proud to co-host a webinar event which focused on the argument of whether the UK and European hotel sector has the talent it needs to achieve successful growth in business and a swift return to profitable operations.

Various points were discussed but with over 150 attendees and industry experts present, the overarching conversation and message were clear, it is all about the talent within the business and how they are supported and developed for the future. With over 75% of attendees in the polls confirming that they are currently running at between 20-50% less staff than pre-pandemic levels, the questions around talent, their support and development could not be more pertinent.

The attendees were asked as part of the polling session whether they agreed that the current talent crisis is essentially a perfect storm as a result of Brexit, Covid 19 and the fact that talent has not been invested in enough historically. A resounding 94% agreed that historically talent had not been sufficiently invested in nor developed for the future but shockingly, only 11% said that they were currently and actively investing in the development of their talent to create positive change. With everything we know, have and are seeing, why is this still the thinking? Surely it is time for a change of mindset? How can we think and act in this way and expect success?

It is fair that the pandemic, changing business models and operations have put a lot of pressure on the industry and its leaders but talent sits at the core of each business and if we do not change the behaviours and thinking of the past then the outcomes in the future will simply be repeated.

As reinforced during the webinar discussion, investing actively in talent, in providing them with developmental and personal support, with opportunities to learn and broaden their mindset and exposure and with a clear path for their success, this not only creates sustainable businesses but also creates positive cultures and ultimately the leaders of tomorrow.

It is time to not only rethink, but also to act.