How will life change post lockdown? What are your thoughts? Let’s have a conversation.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of ideas proposed for how working patterns, office environments and services may change.

  • There are a number of new ideas emerging for how service many need to re-engineer itself, including personalised face masks – designed to characters from the world of cartoons and marvel. Even simply personalised face masks so that barriers between service staff and customers are broken down.
  • It is being reported that man are more vulnerable that women to catching the virus but it is also noted that men are worse are keeping their social distancing: less concerned about the risks. Is this right and what does it say about how we manage behaviours post lockdown?
  • There are stories for how many large companies are already planning to reduce their space by between 40-50% as so many more will begin to work from home.
  • The numbers of those working home will increase by around 25% and
  • this, in turn, will see a boom in how homes are redesigned and even extended.
  • There seem to be two schools of thought on the economy. Those that believe that the economy will face a long hard road in recovery and those that believe that it will bounce.
  • There are even though that fall between the two stools – understandably – and believe that the Hotel sector will start to return to some normality as of Q2 2021. This was a report released by Knight Frank –
  • There seem to be plans for restaurants and cafes to reopen as of June with social distancing – how will this work? How will it change business models?
  • Will sport resume in June – with or without crowds watching?
  • It is being reported that small companies will be allowed back to work first – those with under 50 employees – but of course they need large companies to be operating effectively in order to trade effectively. How will this be managed? A further extension in the Furlough?
  • Many believe that Scotland and Year will see a Summer boom as many will holiday in the UK this year.
  • The purchase of cookery books for home cooking is reported to have increased by 20%. Will we see a boom in those interested in the culinary arts in future years?
  • At the same time, there are many sad stories emerging of children who have evicted from their own homes to fend for themselves and even more living off very poor diets. Last week it emerged that over 400,000 children in London are struggling to have a secure source of food. What can be done?
  • Many Food Service companies have stepped forward to support communities – for no profit – and make a difference. Will this change how many view the sector?
  • Will the fall in numbers staying in hotels and working in offices act as a catalyst for the delivered in models?
  • How will the High street change post lockdown as surely rents will fall and many seem to want to buy from more local sources?

All open questions. All being debated via many Zoom calls all across the country but what are your thoughts and views?
We would welcome your thoughts either through email or in Zoom discussions that we are organising during lockdown to keep conversation going.