How will events reinvent themselves post pandemic? Will less mean more?

It is a question which has been now long debated. Many forecast the continued growth of virtual events which is expected to grow in value by 30% year on year for the next decade whilst many others yearn for the return of live events where people do start to once again socially interact again. However, the question hanging in the air is how will events reinvent themselves as so many want a real experience and many are struggling to find the answer.

In all probability, the answer may lie in less being more. The answer will not lie in greater spectacles but more in how hosts interact and manage their events. The thing people yearn for most is being connected and feeling value. A great host always excels at making guests feeling welcome and part of any occasion. It is a skill that many felt was in decline way before the pandemic; that too many hosts expected the event itself to do the work and if in doubt, invest in an experience. The irony of course was that more and more people found events – with the exception of major events, especially sporting ones – almost something that needed to be done rather than a desire to attend. Many corporate events were becoming seen as a bore and the reason was that many hosts were simply not hosting with care and skill.

As the world starts to rebuild, many corporates have a burning desire to start meeting and impressing clients once again. They have learnt about the power of virtual events in the past year but still, they miss the interaction piece. Events will bounce back and the real power will be less reimagined experiences but how hosts make their guests feel. It could be as simple as that but it is a skill/craft that sets some apart.
It is less about experiences that wow but the building of trust that matters and little builds trust better than how a host behaves and interacts with a guest

It is natural as modern technology has impressively evolved and wowed audiences in the comfort of their own homes. Creating a visual effect to impress has almost become a daily expected norm for major events. The one missing piece has been the human touch; how one presents oneself, how one talks to guests, networks, introduces one to another and guides an event successfully.

It is less about experiences that wow but the building of trust that matters and little builds trust better than how a host behaves and interacts with a guest. We all have memories of great events which we have attended and it is so often the “human” factor which makes it memorable; a friendship found, laughter, a crowd in song, an inspirational speech and how one is made to feel welcome. It is these missing factors that so many desire today.

There was a report which appeared which suggested that, as behaviours and social skills will have fallen, it will take time for many to relearn how to be socially competent. Maybe but the counter is that many believe that there will be a bounce in social activity and that events will see a strong return to strength. It is simply that expectations on how one is welcomed and cared for at an event will increase but isn’t that a good thing, that the bar is expected to be higher once again? It will help events be a little bit more special.