How will event planning be different to pre-pandemic? What has changed?

How often has everyone mentioned how good it feels to once again be socialising? There is genuine relief to see events start to be planned and restart. Events do impact in a way that few others things are able to. We can all recall great parties, great concerts, great sports events, great festivals. They live long in our memories.

A recent report researching over 300 companies noted the loss of attending events and networking was one of the top 5 things missed most in the past year. Another report noted that 60% of all companies believed that events helped them retain business and this loss made the last year that much harder. Events will return and they will be even more important as companies seek to win business once again.

So what will be different?

Maybe the fact that we are all conscious of just how important events are today. It maybe got to the point where they were almost taken for granted. Event organisers made events into almost a business process, asking: what results do we want? what is the purpose of the event and how will we achieve it? Normally the answers were simple – more attendees, more sponsors, more revenue.

However, the difference now is that people want to connect, to feel valued, cared for and find an experience. So should the questions being asked change to: how do we create a great experience along with having personal care? Can we redefine hosting? How can we make this event really impact and stand out in the memory of attendees? What can we do to make this.

As with all models, questions are being asked and maybe now is the time to challenge the traditional delivery model and find new ways of making a difference?

One of the most common comments of this time has been experienced players urging their companies to no longer chase the money alone but to focus on quality, great content, great experiences as attendees will value the personal touch, great service and experience and pay more for it.

Events are back in planning. Are you ready?