How to share your story

Every great hotel has a story


Every great hotel has a story

…the history

…the dramas  
…the scandals  
      …the great characters

Tell your story

EPCIS Media is a new publishing house founded to tell the very best stories from the hospitality industry. We can often be negative about the industry but there are so many great stories that would engage and enthral readers. Think of the great country house hotels, the grand hotels, the historical venues or the leading chefs with their restaurants. Think of the entrepreneurs that put their lives on the line in the belief of a vision. Think of the great events that wow people with their design and atmosphere. These are stories worth telling. Stories that really bring the industry alive and tell the outside world of how hospitality is such a special business and why it really is central in the lives of everyone – whether city professional, grandmother, wife, mother, or food connoisseur.

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We want to tell your story.

For more information please contact Chris Sheppardson

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