How long will the Covid crisis last? Many believe that it will be in 2025 that we finally see the new norm emerge.

There has been a genuine shift in recent weeks as many begin to accept that Covid is here to stay for some time yet. The latest move to Plan B has left many feeling exasperated but many experts will note that the likelihood of Plan B being implemented was well forecast and we all now need to roll with the punches as we move forward.

Many experts are noting that most businesses have a number of business plans and that it is remarkably difficult to forecast just how 2022 will play out. The good news is that 2021 did see a good economic bounce as well as tough times. The economy did perform better than many feared so we do need to keep balanced as all plan ahead.

What do we know?

· Most expect International business to return in 2025 and this will see new improved revenue lines to return alongside.

· Work patterns have changed and of course, numbers coming into London will be lower until the lost audiences are replaced by new entrants – both business and people. This too is estimated to be a 4-year journey.

· City centres and offices will radically change in order to attract the new audience

· Tech will be at the heart of the new norm. It is forecast the number of Smart devices within each home will increase by 50% within the 4 years.

· 70% expect to continue to work from home

· There will be new social media platforms open and develop and misinformation will become greater.

· There will be a drive to real improvements in sustainability across all markets.

· There will be an increased focus on family life and quality of life

· Diversity and Inclusion will be core to many strategies as companies seek to work better with their local communities and build trust.

· Services will change. Delivered-in models have grown at speed during the pandemic. It is estimated that this sector has grown by close to 97% in the past two years.

· Consumers want to buy experiences over goods.

· Localism is more of importance and this will continue despite any improved economic stability.

Given all the above which has clear evidence, we can begin to build a clear picture of the future and what the new norm will look like.