Hospitality – the 10 major topics on the minds of many boards

As we look towards 2022, there are many questions on the minds of leaders all across the country. It does add a lot of pressure as naturally, people want answers rather than the lack of clarity which we so often have to face at this time.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that all plans will need to adapt and change, that there is a certainty. How does one develop a single business plan for 2022, safe in the knowledge that it will be achieved?

So what will be the major questions which face leaders as they develop:

· When will international business start to return in force? International business equates to around 30-40% of spend in leading hotels and restaurants within city centres. It is a major piece of any recovery. The forecast is still that this will only start to come back in 2022 but to what level?

· Developing new experiences. It is estimated that 65% of consumers today want to live in the moment and seek to acquire experiences – so how can this be better tapped into? What new services can be developed? With 70% of people expecting to continue to work from home, there will be a new focus on engaging and winning customs.

· Tech Acceleration. The average home today has close to 25 smart devices and this is estimated to rise to 50 within the next decade. Tech is central to all our lives and business

· What new work patterns will be developed?

· How can we work to retain our talent far better than has been achieved in the last decade?

· Sustainability. 70% of consumers aim to source and buy from those who are showing real progress in this field.

· How is trust rebuilt? It has been at a low ebb and needs to be rebuilt.

· New supply and food models. Many are looking towards the development of new CPU operations which can help reduce the strain on both deliveries and on culinary talent.

· Where can we find talent from? UKH estimate that there will be 188,000 vacancies at any one time. How can this be eased?

· Working for the community. The best talents want to work for those companies who really do interact and support their communities.

All major topics of discussion today and which will continue to be as we enter 2022. Many say that the UK has always been one of the most innovative nations and will be world-class in finding solutions. Others say that companies are struggling today to think differently. Which is right will be discovered in due course.