Hospitality – Such a Great Story to Tell

Hospitality – Such a Great Story to Tell

Earlier this year, EP started working on a number of publications that really tell the story of Hospitality and in 2015 we have been delighted to be involved in the publishing of a number of books and reports. In 2016, we have more in the pipeline that include:

Hospitality - such a great story to tell
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  • The Hidden Histories of Scotland’s Hotels
  • The World Hotel Boutique Hotels Guide
  • More than is Visible: Food and Service within the Contract Catering Sector
  • The Canape Recipes
  • How to Network and Build Relationships
  • Health and Food 2016
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovation in Hospitality

In a world moving so fast it is becoming so important to stop and appreciate something like a good book. A visual story, which you can hold in your hand, can you tell you more, and make you really feel a part of something. The electronic message may seem urgent but it can create noise that isn’t always important. To get something real across, to consume ideas, to learn and to enjoy a story, it is sometimes better to read it on a page.

If you would like to learn more or if you have a story that you would like to tell then
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