Hospitality Social Good

The hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK and includes many businesses which contribute Social Good to the community around them and society. However, is it fair to argue that this isn’t always recognised and rewarded?

Businesses from across the sector aim to give back, enrich communities and contribute to society. Those who lead them and those who work for them do make a difference because they tackle social and environmental problems. This activity doesn’t just recognise ‘social enterprise’ businesses but all companies that are practicing good work and contributing to the wider community.

As the world becomes ever more connected and aware, it also seems to be becoming more lonely and aggressive. Something needs to change. Food and hospitality has a genuine role to play in bringing people together – showing kindness, compassion and care that make it a genuine leader in society.

Our aim is to showcase great examples as this presents the Industry in a positive light and also we hope builds awareness of the need for change. In simple terms, our aims are:

  • To celebrate and raise awareness of the positive role that hospitality can play in society
  • To showcase great stories and examples
  • To challenge others to think and act differently
  • To help support good causes

Click below to watch an introduction video to the campaign:

All of this is hugely important because it helps pioneering initiatives, supports random acts of kindness, promotes meaningful action and makes a difference in the industry we love.

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