Hospitality Social Good

It’s time for the industry to come together and make a positive difference.


Our driver is that as the world becomes ever more connected and aware, it seems to be also becoming more lonely and aggressive. Something needs to change.

Food and Hospitality has a genuine role to play in bringing people together – showing kindness, compassion and care that make it a genuine leader in society.

Our aim is to showcase great examples as this presents the industry in a positive light and we hope builds awareness of the need for change.

In simple terms, the aims are:

  • To celebrate and raise awareness of the positive role that hospitality can play in society
  • To showcase great stories and examples
  • To challenge others to think and act differently
  • To help support good causes

Introduction video to the campaign:

All of this is hugely important because it helps pioneering initiatives, supports random acts of kindness, promotes meaningful action and makes a difference in the industry we love.

Examples of Social Good:

Good Coffee Doing Good

Towards the end of last year Change Please spoke at EP’s Hospitality Insights Conference and provided a great insights into how the social enterprise is helping those who are homeless. The company was only created two years ago but is making great strides in reducing homelessness across the UK. The company has grown from one mobile coffee cart in Covent Garden to eight carts scattered across the capital city. A further seven have permanent locations. Those who shop in Sainbury’s may have also spotted their premium, specialty-graded coffee for sale. Click the picture to find out more.

The Cyrus Todiwala Mission

"Social involvement is part of our religion, but we don't make much noise. We do it because we believe in it." We are delighted to present Cyrus Todiwala OBE and his Cafe Spice Namaste restaurant which is synonymous with Corporate Social Responsibility. Over the last two decades, Cyrus has made strides in making significant contributions which make a difference to the societies and communities in which they operate and live in. Click the picture to find out more.

£10,000 raised for The Wiggly Worm at ACE Charity Dinner

The Association of Catering Excellence held a Charity Dinner at The Langham London to raise funds for The Wiggly Worm charity. Michel Roux Jr.: “I’ve had some memorable times with The Wiggly Worm, helping people with a range of disabilities and mental health issues to secure jobs in the hospitality industry.” Wiggly Worm’s MD, Abby Guilding: “This year, we want to open a ‘Community Kitchen’ hub in the city centre of Gloucester, to teach people with mental health issues and disabilities the skills required to cook healthy food independently, in a safe and fun environment. Many never get the opportunity to try cooking for themselves, have limited access to fresh produce, and do not get the chance to sit and share meals with others."

WSH commits to sustainability pledge

WSH have made the pledge for all hospitality brands - BaxterStorey, The Woodspeen, HIX, BENUGO and Searcys - to procure 100% of direct purchase electricity from renewable sources by 2020. WSH’s pledge demonstrates the business’ commitment to furthering the aspirational goal of decarbonising the UK by reducing fossil fuel emissions and increasing demand for home grown renewable energy.

“This experience basically changed and saved my life beyond all recognition”

Presenting Beyond Food and Brigade At this moment in time more than 9,000 people are sleeping on the streets of Britain at any given time. A 134 per cent rise since 2010. A staggering number in one of the world’s richest countries. However there are people and businesses who are looking towards the lives and futures of those threatened by homelessness and they are trying to make a meaningful impact. One of these fine examples is Beyond Food and Brigade – a social enterprise restaurant playing a vital role. Click the picture to find out more.

Rosewood Mini Wishes

Rosewood London's annual Christmas campaign in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSH). Rosewood Mini Wishes raises awareness for the charity that funds advanced equipment, pioneering research, and the refurbishment of vital medical facilities. The campaign includes Father Christmas spreading cheer across London in his iconic red Mini convertible. He visits local children's schools and bustling London locations while encouraging the public to make their Christmas wishes in support of the charity.