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inploi helps great people find London’s best hospitality jobs.  Launched in 2016, their cutting-edge recruitment and branding platform enables people to discover and apply for open positions online or from a mobile phone and gives hospitality employers the tools to build great teams more efficiently. Company pages and easy job listings allow employers to showcase their brands and job opportunities to a large and growing community of candidates, to screen and identify the best candidates in seconds, and quickly arrange interviews and trials shifts. In a fast-changing recruitment world, inploi gives employers the tools to keep up.”


Nix & Kix add a little ‘wow’ factor to the soft drinks market with their all natural, no added sugar ingredients. The drinks feature a unique discovery element – a hint of cayenne chilli. The chilli not only helps to create great tasting drinks but also delivers a sophisticated touch that replaces the usual sweetness of soft drinks and helps to naturally keep calories low.

Made from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients – the chilli is sourced from a ranch in Bedfordshire – Nix & Kix come in three exciting flavours, Mango & Ginger, Peach & Vanilla and Cucumber & Mint. Unlike many other soft drinks brands Nix & Kix do not add any sugars or artificial sweeteners. Through research and development, they have achieved below 4.8g sugar per 100ml with the drinks also being vegan friendly.


The range is available within retail in Waitrose and Selfridges as well as hotels, bars and restaurants such as Wagamama’s new Noodle Lab concept, Modern Pantry, Marriott and CitizenM hotels as well as a range of health oriented and forward thinking catering companies such as Just Hospitality and Baxter Storey.




Our purpose is simple. We use hospitality software to support our clients in delivering their business objectives in an efficient and profitable manner. Our clients are passionate about providing exceptional service to their end users; we are passionate in supporting them with outstanding hospitality software and customer service.




Double Dutch offers a unique range of tonic waters and mixers that revolutionize the world of beverages. With seven different products – Cucumber & Watermelon, Pomegranate & Basil, Cranberry Tonic, Indian Tonic, Skinny Tonic, Ginger Beer and Soda Water –, each bottle of Double Dutch is made entirely in the UK using flavour pairing techniques in order to create amazing drinks with no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives, which are also low in calories. We only use natural ingredients, blending them with the highest quality spring water from the North of England to create crisp, fresh and innovative mixers for refined palettes.




Sometimes we just need a snack to keep us going.  Maybe it’s after exercising, or for a mid- morning energy boost but the difficult part is picking the right one. Something that is tasty, but good for us and not too full of sugar. That is when you need to pick up a ZOOT Bar.  All we do to create our Zoot bars is blend a selection of fruit, nuts and seeds, packed with healthy goodness, to make each bar. We don’t add any artificial colours or flavourings so they are full of natural goodness. You need to try one to taste the difference!




Rejuvenation Water is the World’s first Amino Acid enriched spring water designed the deal with the rigours of modern life. Using crisp Staffordshire spring water, natural fruit juices and a unique Amino Acid profile.

Rejuvenation Water, based in Battersea, SW London, was launched in Spring 2016 by former finance worker, Kris Ingham. Kris spotted an opportunity to provide the essential nutrition that comes from Amino Acids in a convenient drink, without the sugar content of the big brands. Having completed a large crowdfunding campaign in early 2017, Rejuvenation Water has increased distribution throughout the UK and have recently launched into over 100 supermarkets in the Middle East.




GIG, the mobile app aims to transform and adapt hospitality to the needs of the workforce of today and tomorrow.

With GIG you can tip the scales of tradition and work on your own terms. Hassle-free with no obligations, you take control of your role, hours, and location.

Whether you just want to boost your holiday savings or aim to reshape your entire earning lifestyle, payday is always just a day away. So find that shift; barista, chef, receptionist, cleaner, whatever your skill set – and make gig work for you.





Hospitality Insights Conference – 14th November 2017