Hospitality Insights Conference


The Essential Future Trends

There is a great need to share knowledge in these times of change. It can benefit all in terms of new business, raising the bar for positive change and building meaningful relationships.

On Tuesday 14th November, EP is bringing together consultants, caterers and clients for a full-day of powerful insights and to engage in a meaningful debate.

Topics being explored include:

  • The commercial model – How are the costs changing for businesses and what needs to change? Has it become risky and controversial?
  • How do we manage five generations with different skill-sets? Is there a need for new approach for development?
  • Employee health and welfare is of great importance. Will we see businesses bring in psychology coaches? Wellbeing will only increase, as will nutrition as we look to fuel optimum performance. Spa’s in offices?
  • The market may need to adapt to growing social consciousness.
  • The importance of design and multi-sensory dining experiences is growing.
  • Where does Sustainability does sit? It isn’t a new thing or a ‘nice to have’, it’s a way in which things are done?
  • There is concern over red tape in essential areas such as procurement.
  • What impact will central production kitchens have on the work environment?

This is a platform for thought leadership and knowledge share for the whole hospitality sector, to discuss the market and debate the key issues in detail for change. It is the most fascinating time in our industry and we need to have constructive conversations, engaging insights and drive valuable actions.


  • Professor David Russell, Chairman, The Russell Partnership Collection
  • Martin Boden, Managing Director UK, Sodexo
  • Chris Stern, Managing Director, Stern Consultancy
  • Kevin Watson, MD, Amadeus
  • Stephen Waterman, Managing Director of Food & Hospitality, ISS
  • Adam Elliott, CEO, The Concerto Group
  • Kate Taylor, Nutrition Consultant and Former Director of Gather & Gather
  • Mike Coldicott, Managing Director, Tricon
  • Dan Gill, Founder, Dine
  • Mark Linehan, Sustainability Consultant and Former Managing Director of SRA
  • More to be announced


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Hospitality Insights Conference

14th November 2017

Nomura Bank, London