Hospitality Illustrated

Visual stories of the last decade

EP is proud to present a brand book entitled “Hospitality Illustrated“.

The hospitality industry is an exciting, vibrant and visual story that is engaging customers every day. Over the last ten years EP has been privileged to photograph many of the great leaders and businesses in action. Hospitality Illustrated will be a photographic book with over 200 illustrations that really tell the story of the last decade.



An insight into some of the stories already going into the book

EP has been honoured to have interviewed and interacted with the great and good of the hospitality industry for the last ten years. Over this time leaders have shared their stories which make this industry so fascinating.

Alongside stunning individual shots, the book will also include engaging team shots, collections of some of the sector’s most important events and a look behind the scenes into some of the world’s best operations.

Hospitality Illustrated will bring all the great and good together into one beautiful book.

Hospitality Illustrated will provide captivating images which really do tell stories. They have shaped the industry into how we know it today. Key individuals and teams have worked incredibly hard and this must be praised and supported. Our hope is this book will show we are thankful for their tireless efforts over the years.

Out in November 2017

It should make for an excellent read and present to be cherished.

For more information and to reserve a copy please contact:

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