Hospitality education – is it time for a radical rethink?

Is hospitality education genuinely meeting the needs of students, industry and society?

We are delighted to be hosting two important discussions during September in which we hope you will become involved. They are focused on a priority we all share – developing and nurturing young talent as effectively as possible.

The industry faces some major challenges and it will need the very best talent to be prepared for the future. The aim of these two events is to explore what needs to be achieved, through hospitality education.

17th September – The Future of Hospitality Education?

From discussions between professionals and academics, facilitated by EP and the Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME), five key areas have emerged as possible priorities:

· Creating a best practice code for academic institutions focusing on inspirational teaching and learning and on hospitality as a lifestyle;
· Working with industry partners who are committed to best practice in all they do;
· Monitoring and communicating examples of best practice in collaboration between industry and education;
· Including the voice of students and recent alumni in educational developments; and
· Creating an industry-academia exchange programme.

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the challenges faced by industry and academia, which heightens the need for meaningful collaboration

This call for open dialogue aims to produce action points, which CHME and EP can use to facilitate stronger and more productive working relationships between education and industry.
30th September – ‘Hospitality Education – the State of the Art’
Is a new direction required?

EP and the Oxford Cultural Collective will stage an online discussion on 30th September 2020 to explore the future of hospitality education in the UK.

In recent years hospitality education has faced increasing scrutiny. At this event speakers will reflect on current educational practice; explore what is required of universities to meet the needs of stakeholders including students and the international hospitality industry; and consider the implications of recent crises for the focus and delivery of educational programmes.

Ultimately, this event will help us decide if a radical rethink is required to ensure hospitality education remains fit for purpose in an ever more unpredictable world.