Here’s to our thirtieth year…

EP spoke with Founder and Chairman of Russell Partnership Collection, Professor David Russell and Head of Innovations, Charlotte Harbour to learn all about the rebrand of the Collection.

Russell Partnership Collection are the UK’s leading Food, Hospitality and Technology Collection delivering creative and commercially viable results to over 600 clients across 30 countries. Russell Partnership Collection encompass three companies who deliver international food consulting, hospitality technology development and philanthropic food support.

Professor David Russell founded the Russell Partnership Collection in 1989 and has been pivotal in driving the business towards the success it enjoys today. Charlotte Harbour, Head of Innovations, led the rebrand and was instrumental in the design and delivery of marketing material.

We asked David where the Collection’s journey started…

November 1989 – it started in Kensington Church Street, well – a 3x4m2 dimly lit office on the second floor with no internet and no phones! The business was built on a belief and passion to make a positive difference both commercially and ethically. We had no cash, no clients and no market position back then, but what we did have – and still do – is belief, drive and lots of experience. Bottom line – it turned out okay in the end!

Charlotte commented: “The rebirth of our brand was built with a focus on our long-term strategy, business longevity and creative vision. Our journey has strengthened our business mission, vision, values and ethos. Our innovation and collaboration have delivered rejuvenated logos, a contemporary website, the modernisation of proposals, reports and literature plus the addition of new and enduring products and services.”

“Through multiple collaborative internal and client workshops, the team have spent the last eighteen months fine tuning the Collection’s future.”

The pair note that: Through multiple collaborative internal and client workshops, the team have spent the last eighteen months fine tuning the Collection’s future. Our leadership structure was pivotal in “steering the ship” from past to present, engaging with designers and innovators along the way and ensuring our story was retold originally and elegantly. Our consultants were the voices delivering strategic input, long term action planning and market insight. They facilitated our workshops and captured the input and opinion. Our Innovations team were the initiators and achievers – Charlotte, the youngest member of the team, truly drove us toward our rebirth, collaborating with graphic designers and web developers to deliver and create all the new brand material and collateral you see today.

So, why rebrand? Here’s a few words from Charlotte:

Evolving Market and Client Base:

Russell Partnership Collection understand and respect the evolving nature of our clients and sectors. The rebrand will deliver the best and relevant experience through the provision of premium products and services.

Modernisation: Times change and so do expectations, aesthetics and the digital domain. Russell Partnership Collection have stayed on the crest of the wave with service provision but updated the aesthetic to align with the evolving consulting and technological sphere.

International Reach: Russell Partnership Collection now has over 600 clients across 30 countries with offices in London, Dubai South and San Francisco. Their new brand needed to reflect this.

David and Charlotte close to thank the 200 individuals who we able to join them for the rebrand in London: “We thank you for your time and appreciate that you enjoyed the food, drinks and brand appropriate ambience! For those we missed, we hope to celebrate with you soon and in the meantime hope the following photos provide some insight into the day…”