Going Rogue and Redefining Affordable Luxury – Nassar Khalil CEO & Founder of Rogue City Hotels

EP Business in Hospitality was delighted to talk with Nassar Khalil, CEO and founder of Rogue City Hotels which is the umbrella brand which manages Henley’s portfolio of luxury boutique hotels. With one hotel already open, another 2 hotels to be completed by the end of 2022 and a fourth in 2023 it is clear that Rogue City Hotels are primed to be a fast growing affordable luxury hotel brand.

So what makes them different? Nassar explains that he does not want his hotels to be “just another luxury or boutique hotel.” Many profess to have the customer in mind when creating hotel concepts but Rogue City Hotels has intentionally taken this to another level and have “gone rogue”, moving away from the traditional or norm expected when one thinks “luxury and boutique”. Their ethos is underwritten by the thinking “The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others”.

Nassar asks, “Why the need to have a hotel restaurant, why not engage with the best local restaurants so to provide guests with the best the community can offer? Why have a hotel gym or spa, why not get guests access to the best on offer within the local area? Why not put discreet kitchen facilities in rooms and promote guests shopping locally and enjoying meals in the comfort of their rooms? Surely then in supporting the community and enabling guest to enjoy immersive experiences with those restaurants, gyms etc. who do what they do best, one is truly putting the guest at the centre of the experience and in turn freeing luxury hotel operations to focus on doing what they do best, providing luxury accommodation.”

Hotel guests are constantly asking for more and perhaps they too simply are looking for an opportunity for new thinking and to go rogue?