Giving a platform for new voices to emerge. This summer, EP will be bringing new voices from the younger generations to tell it as they see it.

This Summer, EP is proud and delighted to be publishing a range of new features, ideas and thinking from talents from emerging generations. EP is presently recruiting some new talent to join the team but also in discussions from emerging industry talents from all across the industry to be able to talk as to how they see the challenges facing the industry.

Our hope and belief is that this will bring new ideas and perspectives to the fore for readers to consider.

Since the start of the pandemic, EP’s readership has steadily increased as many have sought to learn and hear to industry insights. However, 2022 is almost marking a changing in time when new talents are emerging and our aim is for EP to reflect these changes. The insights which were of value during the pandemic may now need to be different so we are adjusting.

The choices we all now make may well create greater change in what happens next. All indicators point to shifts in people’s relationships—with colleagues, brands, society, places and with those they care about. People are also coming face-to-face with the impact they’re having on the planet, and finally accepting they cannot go on behaving as though people were separate from nature. People are calling for greater collaboration, kindness and care. People are calling for a more positive voice, positive leadership and broader social thinking. It is a natural time for change and to see EP help develop a younger voice which represents the new generations.

We do see five key trends taking place from 2022-2025:
• Increased progress on sustainability
• A call for stronger collaboration and knowledge share
• Leadership which does build stronger purpose and rebuilds trust
• Hospitality to play a bigger and more central role in daily life
• Business models to evolve and change from the supply chain to L&D to pricing.

There lies ahead a positive and bright future; one with which we want to actively support.