Gently building character and boldness in emerging leaders through experiences and knowledge

There is little doubt that the younger generations emerging are brighter and possess a broader and international understanding which does suggest that there are exciting generations emerging. However, at the same time, we do know that young leaders are not breaking through and emerging as they are often risk averse and have a fear of failure. It is important that this is combated and that we create new processes to help develop not only technical skills but also character.

We need to build an inner confidence within the young to:

Aspire to leadership roles

To not fear failure and to have the confidence to be bold

But coupled with sound thinking and knowledge       

To build understanding and knowledge in the challenges of leadership

It is all about character development through gentle testing and nurturing.

We have written about our desire to create leadership festivals/events but we also want to develop annual programmes that take groups and give them unique experiences that really do develop their thinking and character.

Imagine as examples a combination of:

·        Volunteering in key social initiatives and charities that expose people to where help is needed.

·        Monthly lunches with speakers from the worlds of sport, entrepreneurship, charities and business.

·        Experiencing a range of great physical challenges from the Inferno Ski Festival to The Walk of the Gods in Tuscany to running in the Highlands.

·        Experienced mentors from industry to work with individuals.

·        Regular debates where the young are challenged to have opinions and a voice.

·        Encouraging talent to become storytellers. Storytelling is a crucial skill in business and life and takes confidence.

It would be engaging and fun if done in the right way.  The work place today is very controlled. It has always been important to combine that with letting talent have creative and vocal outlets at work. We all know the stats about the longer hours all are working, the high levels of time spent on computers and the rise of stress & loneliness.

We know that talent is not breaking through so the question is how do we change the momentum and dialogue? There is great talent all around us. It just needs nurturing.