Gastronomic meal on a double-decker bus

Welcome to London Bustronome

Six course tasting menu on a double decker bus sight-seeing through the capital

Last week Bustronome launched in the capital – an experience where guests enjoy a four course lunch or six course dinner whilst sightseeing the famous locations and landmarks of London. The concept, which has been operating in Paris, is presented as a combination of culinary and cultural emotion.



Gazette Brasseries are behind the London offer and have teamed up with Bustonome to offer “one of the most extraordinary restaurant experiences in the city.”

The dining experiences is unique and guests do see London from a different angle. It is another ‘experience’ which supports the thinking that customers today are looking for something more than a typical meal. With a menu prepared by Chef Pascal Even, dishes are of fine French cuisine and matched with selected wines.

For the team looking after the service it is certainly different to other operations. With the chefs working on the dishes on the lower deck, the waiters serve on the upper deck whilst the bus goes past the sites – St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and even several times over the Thames.

As operators continue to raise the bar with food and beverage, it is fascinating to watch as new experiences continue to enter the market. The ever discerning customer wants to go beyond the typical and every now and then try something memorable and perhaps even magical.

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