#FuellingProductivity Campaign Alliances

Pan-Industry Alliances To Solve Modern Day Issues


We are delighted to announce a number of alliances for the Food at the Heart of Culture, Fuelling Productivity campaign.

The aim of these global alliances is to provide knowledge share, tangible solutions and to place food service first. The campaign is targeted at C-Suite/Boards of organisations, commercial venues and stadia, schools and universities that will showcase how the Food Service sector can have significant financial and productivity impacts.

EP is the catalyst for the campaign and 25 companies are already interested in becoming involved. Activation ideas have been created with two PR companies and a range of sporting personalities are engaged to support. All for a launch in September 2018.


Mad World – Europe’s only event that puts mental health at the heart of the business agenda. “We live in a “mad world”, an anxious world. Changes in the workplace are happening faster than ever before, digital disruption is the new norm, performance is the always-on aspiration, and the pressure is on to raise productivity.” One of their core pillars is food and nutrition which they see as key to mental health and fresh thinking for the future of workplace wellbeing. Their summit on 9th October has 300 C-Suite/Board level attendees from FTSE 100 to the UK’s 1000 largest companies.

FUTR – With the retail and marketing landscape evolving at such a fast pace, FUTR Group (formerly Millennial 20/20) was set up in 2015 to connect brands and retailers with the solutions and technologies that they need for today and tomorrow. Their event series includes Europe (London), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and North America (New York). Activities include the summits, tours, workshops & training plus insights and research.

Multicultural Food service & Hospitality Alliance – MFHA is an educational non-profit in America that helps its members build Cultural Intelligence by delivering products and solutions that raise the top-line, improve the bottom-line and build culturally authentic brand value. Through Presentations, Workshops, Webinars & Regional Conferences, the MFHA are supported a vast range of businesses.

UK Hospitality – Formed from the merger of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) and the British Hospitality Association (BHA) in April 2018, UK Hospitality represents more than 700 companies in hospitality.

If you would like to find out more and view the marketing plan please contact ben.butler@epmagazine.co.uk 

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