Fuelling Productivity – Stronger collaboration, genuine change in traditional relationships and bolder solutions.

Research, undertaken by EP, is suggesting, that many companies and organisation are seeking to work far more collaboratively with operators than ever before. There is an understandable tension in the market as many CFOs have been and are facing some major rising costs and pressures; leaving them naturally questioning what will happen with traditional budgets?

At the same time, those who oversee food service operations understand the challenges facing operators and want to work with them to find new solutions.

Our research suggests:

  • There is a need for all to make a stronger argument for the importance and value of food service in a market which has seen density numbers decline by 40%.
  • If density levels did return to full levels, many companies could be expecting an increase in budgets of between 60-100% which naturally is creating tensions.
  • The argument can be made if there are genuine signs and measurements that numbers are returning to offices as many C-Suite believe that productivity levels will only increase once this happens. If food service can support this, then the increased cost is less of an issue.
  • The research suggests this is especially true when it comes to hospitality as companies would prefer to invest in internal offers rather than expensing external restaurants.
  • Research does indicate that strong hospitality and food service experiences impacts positively on companies but how can a balance be found?
  • Are there new bold thinking and solutions which can be found by working better in collaboration?
  • Could a working party be founded between operators and organisations to look at new ideas?

It does seem that the land is laid for some genuine change and new narratives to emerge in 2023. There is no doubting how difficult the next few months will be but if it does create change which sees less of the traditional frictions in the market and more collaboration, then this can only be to the better.

This year alone has seen great success achieved in how many consultants are working with their clients to develop services and the same is true with operators. Change is happening and the aim of the Fuelling initiative is to provide a framework to highlight this change and to provide a framework for discussion.