Fuelling Productivity – Great food service has arguably never had a more important role to play

The narrative surrounding food service has changed over the last year and it is increasingly being viewed as a central service which plays a significant social role within all environments from business to schools to universities to into healthcare.

It has become almost commonplace to hear experts and even leaders now talk about the importance that food service does play in bringing people together, creating friendships, teams and informal comms. This will never be of more importance than at this time as we and all organizations rebuild post-pandemic and it is not difficult to create a strong argument in favour.

Everyone is yearning to meet and see people once again and many believe there will be a sense of real energy as employees start to return in numbers to workplaces which will, in turn, drive greater numbers back naturally. Workplaces will become real hubs of social interaction and energy and food service can sit right at the heart.

There is also a growing body of scientific and research based evidence that shows that daily face to face and informal comms improves productivity, well-being and reduces stress, loneliness and a host of other issues which has come to the fore.

There is also research emerging at how food breaks down barriers and has played an under-rated role in generating greater cultural understanding and social integration. Eating together, having time together is being seen now as the bedrock of many strong internal cultures – at work, in schools, and socially. It is something that perhaps had just been forgotten but the pandemic has reminded all of the importance of spending time together socially. Arguably this is a time to celebrate and highlight the importance of great food service.

This issue also came up in the Interview hosted with Clarissa Farr who has written, in her books, on the importance of great food service and the essential and positive impact that it can play.