From public health to hospitality in the Seychelles

The hospitality industry is extraordinarily diverse and so are the people who make it exceptional. With a consistently evolving industry, not all those within it, have followed a traditional path, enabling them to achieve their current roles. Celia Ponzo is Sales Manager at Eden Bleu Hotel, Seychelles.

She did not follow a traditional hospitality career path, instead, Celia originates from a public health background. Speaking five languages (all fluently), she applied for a sales position at Eden Bleu Hotel, after working at the island’s hospital. Why? She wanted a challenge and a significant change.

Celia joined Eden Bleu Hotel in 2016.  The property is different to other hotels in the Seychelles as it caters for both business and leisure travellers. 

Unlike some sales managers who have gained unwelcomed reputations for being aggressive and pushy, it is Celia’s calm and gentle manner which has seen her increase sales revenue at Eden Bleu Hotel year on year since she began. “I do not come from a sales background and by nature, I’m not one of those people who needs to be aggressive to get a point across or make my case. This is what people find refreshing.”

“I undertook additional work and research on my own time, so I could fully understand and immerse myself in the role.”

“Coming from an academic background greatly assisted me in my new role.  Unfortunately, my handover was not as detailed or comprehensive as it could have been, so, in essence, I undertook additional work and research on my own time, so I could fully understand and immerse myself in the role.  I looked at this as an advantage as I was given the opportunity to start from scratch and personalise the role to make it my own.”

Celia’s personal approach is what differentiates her. She is a peoples person and engages with all. 

Eden Bleu Hotel is firmly establishing itself as one of the most multi-faceted hotels in the Seychelles and its team are taking the property forwards in a positive direction. Celia Ponzo is proof that a traditional hospitality background is not needed in this industry, but what is required is dedication, tenacity and a truly personal approach.

The hotel is located on Eden Island, attached to the Seychelles main island of Mahé and includes panoramic views of the marina and also Mahé’s mountains.