Founded To Champion Great People and the Future of Scottish Hospitality

EPCIS Media – a partnership between CIS and EP – has been created to champion the Scottish hospitality industry, its people and how it has embraced change.

As the current Coronavirus crisis is currently demonstrating, the Scottish hospitality industry can come together as one at times like these, when many other parts of the UK have not. Indeed, hospitality can work far better and more closely as a sector than many others.

Today we face so many more challenges than ever before. COVID-19 has been a shattering experience for many but there have also been some inspirational examples of great work by operators at all levels. It is important that these stories are told, as they will be in the fullness of time.

Until then, further challenges continue to face the sector, including:

The fight against obesity and the move towards greater well-being

The development of new talent in the industry

Mental health and welfare


Supporting young entrepreneurs and new concepts

As we recover from this present situation, a new landscape and renewed demand for change will naturally emerge. The aim of EPCIS Media is to bring people together to discuss and find new solutions.

Over the last few weeks, we have been promoting the EPCIS Awards for Excellence in Schools which aim to highlight the great works taking place in educational establishments across the country. Longer-term, EPCIS Media aims to host regular discussion forums and events on the above topics, while also celebrating the brilliant entrepreneurial people at the heart of the sector. The Scottish hospitality industry has a history of strong leadership and this is still very much alive today.

Ultimately, the aim of EPCIS Media is to support young talent and emerging leaders and to champion the industry as it deserves.

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