For so long leaders have asked “why do people only come to me with problems rather than solutions?”

One of the recent themes in conversations has been how many leaders are weary of VC meetings; in fact meetings themselves. They also note that they feel weary, tired of finding new solutions and of discussions around partnership. As one recently noted “partnerships only work when there is mutual gain but the moment that changes, then partnerships naturally fail.”

Another recently noted “We will see the pendulum swing back to a desire for strong face to face interactions. The difference now is that more is expected of every leader and it is relentless. There is a strange trend going on where many try not to be accountable but be in charge; well, that is doomed to fail, just a matter of time. This environment is not interested in those who talk a good game; it really does ask so much more. The problem is that there is so much going on and most leaders are struggling to have a vision or foresight on how their businesses will unfold over the next 3 years.“

It is an interesting thought as it suggests that many leaders are still understandably working and leading off past truths than present ones. Is this true?

Isn’t it understandable that many struggle to see the future as much has changed at speed?

The questions being raised are:

  • Are leaders finding that their natural approach is now outdated?
  • If many are struggling to see the road forward, is there a danger that opportunities will be missed?
  • Are many focused on the wrong issues?

Perhaps a question too is whether there is more need today to ensure that talent is being freed and developed? Leaders should not expect to have all the answers but is talent being freed to present new solutions?

Maybe the right questions should be?

  • Are we learning as a team and organisation? Are we evolving?
  • Are we enabling solutions being presented by others?
  • How do we improve?

All businesses are evolving and learning all the time. Business today is about process, systems and structure which then in turn frees up talent.