For now and the future, everyday

Whether compostable, recyclable or bio-degradable Amadeus are just about as sustainable as a catering business can get. The leading food service company has been working hard, long before the recent increase in the war on waste and truly believe in having a responsibility to help solve some pretty big problems.

From their legacy of being the Olympic caterer, the Amadeus team are also supporting both the venues they work in and clients using their services, in their own pledges and actions for a better future.

In recent years the food service company, based at the heart of the NEC Group but operating in over 30 venues and delivering hundreds of events, has kept a relatively low profile on their remarkable achievements. They have worked with numerous clients to ensure they are aware of how venues can improve their waste streams. Despite the recent and needed rise in the awareness of waste, Amadeus have simply got on with the job – because it’s the right thing to do.

The stats are on there in black and white, 98% of their disposable packaging spend is on sustainable products. In addition, 80% of their food and beverage suppliers can be found within a 30-mile radius of the venues they cater at– meaning the food you eat is not only fresh, but environmentally friendly. The leading player is committed to supporting local communities too – 60% of their food and beverage suppliers are also small and medium sized enterprises.

For the award-winning caterer this is just part and parcel of investing in our planet. Visitors heading to one of the venues Amadeus caters for won’t always know that Amadeus has a such an impressive sustainability record. So looking to the future Amadeus believe the customer has a desire to know about these initiatives so are also identifying where best to profile this for the many customers they caterer for every year.  At the same time, they are actively speaking to their clients to ensure they are aware they can achieve great things being achieved. It is all about trust and doing the right thing.

Whilst all of this is impressive Amadeus won’t be resting anytime soon and it will be exciting to watch the food service player continue to bring their passion for sustainability to the forefront.

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