For most of us, we grew up using libraries and the search for information.

Today, two clicks is said to be almost too much effort.

For those, who went to schools and university, in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, it was commonplace to go to libraries to study, research and to seek out much needed information. It was often also used as secret meeting places but libraries played a central role in the educational process. No one would give a second thought for having to spend time finding the required book or report hidden away in the library.

In truth, seeking out the information was often fun and the whole experience would make one feel as though something had been accomplished in the day. It did create purpose and meaning.

Today, in the digital age, it is said that companies need to reach an audience 11x for it to be heard and anything more than 2 or 3 clicks on the system is almost too hard. Of course, the argument is that is progress. Today, information is far more open and transparent. All true but here is the question – does it also make me people more expectant, lazier and most of all, lacking in a sense of achievement?

It has long been argued that many today lack confidence as the purpose has been undermined. There is a great speech by Admiral McRaven – easily found on youtube – which talks about his first lesson in the forces: always make your bed in the morning. He noted that by making your bed in the morning, it gave you the first accomplishment of the day and if you had either a long day or a bad day, at least you came back to a made bed at night.

His core point was about discipline. Discipline, purpose and confidence all go together. Undermine one and is it really so surprising that the core pillars become eroded and the end result is a generation which lacks confidence and purpose?

Maybe we need to work harder to find the balance between the digital world and what creates success?