For launch in early 2020… introducing Ananya to celebrate our common humanity through food, art and music

 It is fair to say that many today feel disillusioned with much in daily life. There is a clear disillusionment with politics, but it goes deeper – many are weary of cynical and selfish behaviours, of lack of trust, of transactional business with no depth or relationship.

Many are seeking more – something that does bring people together to share ideas, knowledge, friendship, conversation and have shared experiences. Today many do not want the traditional black tie events but something that is deeper, more interactive and which does celebrate what is good about us.

Ananya is a new members network and club founded by a number of like-minded individuals from across industry spectrums including law, hospitality, education and business and from the UK and internationally. This club has a true focus that goes beyond boundaries.

It has been well documented that hotels all across the world are today seeking to build personal connections with their consumers as it is understood today that many are seeking unique experiences that go beyond the norm. This true for business too and it is the underlying principle that lies behind Ananya – to create a network that celebrates great food, art, dance, music, and wines from all across the world.

Background Rationale

Communications has become so fast paced and full on that so much of it is lost. Worse still trust has been in decline and people today are cynical from the start. Most companies have marketing teams focusing on brand messages that lose their way as audiences want something genuine and authentic. There are social media teams building audiences and interacting 24/7. The average person’s connections have increased by 500% – but so much is lost. Today there is a desire for a more personal connection in order for a message to be heard.

In day to day life, the growing desire is for the genuine and the authentic and so there is a hunger for great new events that bring people together to share ideas, conversation and friendships. There is also a growing desire for great stories and storytelling is becoming a key part of modern comms. It is all almost old fashioned in approach but then there is a reason why they worked so well once in the past.

It is the same with events and networking. It was only a few years ago when networking was almost seen as both a dying old fashioned art and in fairness, many events had become slightly stuck in their ways and lost some of their charm.

As with many such things, occasions have almost reinvented their approach and become a mix of greater informality, interactive and theatre which make them more compelling. At the same time, with a world full of fast paced communications, there is greater desire and fondness for coming together to have genuine conversations, meet people, share ideas and knowledge.

So how do you today reach an audience and influence them? – By creating interactive events which are genuine, authentic and social in almost an old school manner.

The Network

This proposal is for a series of highly distinctive events that use the creative arts to celebrate our common humanity. During this challenging and unsettling time, characterised by growing division and fear, the events will capitalise on the power of food, art and music to unite diverse groups and individuals and to promote mutual understanding, respect and trust.

In addition to providing engaging, immersive experiences for participants, the events will encourage meaningful reflection on the role of the creative arts in creating strong, resilient, supportive, productive communities, in both public and professional environments. As summarised by the iconic American author and poet Maya Angelou: “When members of a society wish to secure that society’s rich heritage they cherish their arts and respect their artists. The esteem with which we regard the multiple cultures offered … enhances the possibilities for healthy survival and continued social development.”

The impact of the events will be enhanced by their settings – sites which are ethically sound, which carry cultural ‘weight’ and which connect on an emotional level with those in our target audiences.

Ananya is a symbol of a desire for change, for something that does celebrate something that is important – international friendships and business, our heritage, our crafts and arts, our love of food and wine.

We are proud to be working with this group for it stand for that bit more.

Should you wish to receive additional information please don’t hesitate to contact