Food start ups are flying high this summer. What have you missed?

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Former Marketing Head at Coca-cola India has just launched a new food start-up. Shripad Nadkarni, a former marketing head at Coca-Cola India, has teamed up with three other former executives and gave birth to Fingerlix, an indian start-up that sells fresh, ready-to-cook foods such as curries, batter and mixes Read more

Irish food startup secures listing with ten Tesco stores. M&J Nutrition, an Irish food startup, has secured a regional listing for ProU, its range of fortified yogurts with Tesco Find out more

Start-up dishes up dogs’ dinners with a difference. The start-up provides freshly-blended, tailor-made dry food to meet your dog’s unique needs and it is planning to get £10 million in revenue this year. Read more

Entrepreneurial Story of the Week

Food is the most popular industry for start-up entrepreneurs

Surveying 2,000 people in the days before and after the Brexit result (June 21 to June 24), Direct Line found that 2.25% of Britons surveyed want to start a business – a figure which equates to 1.3 million Brits when based on the entire UK population.

Of those respondents that said they wanted to start a business, 18% said it was their dream to launch a food venture such as a bakery, cake shop, sandwich shop or cafe, while 16% said they wanted to start a retail company, and 7% cited a manufacturing business as their start-up dream.

Faces of Hospitality

Faces of Hospitality 5-08

“When I was growing up I was one of those people who wanted to do basically everything.  My career so far has included stints as a night promoter, a musician, a baker, a mediator, a teaching assistant, a writer, a scientist… it goes on! I hope The Dusty Knuckle gets to a point where we are overseeing a successful youth employment program that sits within one of the happiest and most reputable food companies in the UK. Throughout my life I’ve been inspired by Farooq Chaudhry, Akram Khan, Mohammed Ali, Berry Gordy and too many other to mention! I learnt a lot from these models and today the advice I’d give to future entrepreneurs is to get busy and learn everything you can. Don’t waste your time trying to please other people unless they actually care about you. Endurance is the single most important trait for an entrepreneur.”

Max Tobias, The Dusty Knuckle





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