Food & Culture Shows 2021/22

4th December Dinner

50th Anniversary of Bangladesh’s Independence

On the 4th December, we are delighted to be co-hosting a special dinner to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh’s Independence in partnership with UKCC. Members of the Culinary World Cup winning team will be present to oversee the dinner’s preparations.

Bangladesh has endured a short but turbulent history. Many will never forget the famous 1971 The Concert for Bangladesh organised by former Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar; to raise international awareness of, and fund relief for refugees from East Pakistan, following the Bangladesh Liberation War-related genocide. The concerts were followed by a bestselling live album, a boxed three-record set, and Apple Films’ concert documentary, which opened in cinemas in the spring of 1972. The event was the first-ever benefit of such a magnitude, and featured a super group of performers that included Harrison, fellow ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell and the band Badfinger.

The aim of the dinner is to celebrate Bangladesh’s cultural impact on both the UK and globally. Many will argue their cuisine, and its evolution in the UK, has become a central pillar in modern UK society.

After a difficult 18 months, it is time to celebrate and take the time to appreciate their great culture.
If you would be interested in attending the dinner in December, please do not hesitate to contact