Food at the Heart of Culture #FuellingProductivity

A campaign targeted at C-Suite/Boards of organisations, commercial venues and stadia, schools and universities that will showcase how the Food Service sector can have significant financial and productivity impacts.

UK business is facing a series of challenges that are arguably new and need new solutions – these range from mental health to Brexit: from employee and student nutrition and well-being to the need for new commercial solutions: from declining productivity to the need to reconnect internal communications to the importance of retention – wherever ones looks, food service can play a key and important role.

This marks a genuine opportunity for the sector to create an argument for increased investment in people, in food, in sustainability, in design and in restaurants. The argument has long been that margins are just on a declining curve. We argue that this can be changed with a stronger argument as UK business and society needs great food service.

We believe that we have the best opportunity in a generation to create change in investment and margins as there is genuine concern in the market re. obesity, mental health, and informal comms within business, nutrition and well-being – so our challenge is to present the case for the sector.

In Spring and Summer 2018, EP has hosted a series of forums to discuss this opportunity for the Food Service sector. This is the first time in a generation where genuine change can be made and the following framework will allow this to happen. The sector has the potential to be seen in a stronger light, attract greater investment into services and people and generate change that is of benefit to all.

Marketing Plan

A presentation has been created with input and expertise from two PR agencies, who hold different and valuable expertise, and sports players are engaged and are keen to support the campaign. These top athletes can act as role models to talk about the importance of nutrition and great food to all markets, from business to schools. We have a number of sports players from rugby, swimming, athletics and football who are open to working with us. It adds a new dimension to the argument that can make a difference

The plan includes:

  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Measurement
  • Activation Ideas

There is also an alliance formed with which is already reaching 300 major C-suite in businesses in the UK and they see that nutrition is key to mental health.

We have built a good platform, but we cannot do this alone. We do need the support of companies across the spectrum. We want to create a special voice that really does change the dynamic of the sector – increases the understanding of food service, investment from boards into food service and people and lay out a legacy for the future.

This is about creating an industry voice that showcases why great food is so important and can influence productivity, mental health, internal comms, and wellbeing.

We believe this is our best opportunity in the last generation to make the case for increased investment and for change, but we need your support. We are delighted to have sporting players wanting to rally round and support the message as this does create storylines that represent the industry and we have some great PR expertise really to make the argument alongside us.

This is the time to create change.

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