Food at the Heart of Culture… Fuelling Productivity

Food at the Heart of Culture
………. Fuelling Productivity

UK business is facing a series of challenges that are arguably new and need new solutions – these range from mental health to Brexit: from employee and student nutrition and well-being to the need for new commercial solutions: from declining productivity to the need to reconnect internal comms to the importance of retention – wherever ones looks, food service can play a key and important role.



This, therefore, marks a genuine opportunity for the sector to create an argument for increased investment in people, in food, in sustainability, in design and in restaurants. The argument has long been that margins are just on a declining curve. We argue that this can be changed with a stronger argument as UK business and society needs great food service.

As of September 2018, we are aiming to launch a campaign targeted at C-Suite/Boards of organisations, to commercial venues and stadia, to schools and Universities that will showcase just how the Food Service sector can have significant financial and productivity impacts. The following paper has been developed to outline our initial thoughts on how we aim to market and communicate this strong message.

We have two PR companies who are working with us on this campaign and we have a number of professional sports players that are happy to act as ambassadors, and role models for health, nutrition and well-being and talk directly to business. A combination of sport, Industry and PR/comms expertise does create a potentially strong framework/platform for building a strong message to market.

We believe that we have the best opportunity in a generation to create change in investment and margins as there is genuine concern in the market re. obesity, mental health, and informal comms within business, nutrition and well-being – so our challenge is to present the case for the sector.

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