Fancy some real italian gelato? Don’t miss the Gelato Festival!

The Final Weekend:

The Gelato Festival 2016 is in London until Sunday

Showcasing the best of Italian hospitality in London  

Although the weather may suggest otherwise, summer is coming to London. Rain is not stopping Londoners from tasting some authentic Italian gelato in the vibrant Old Spitalfields Market.

The 2016 London Gelato Festival, supported by the Italian Trade Commission (ICE), is where authentic Italian gelato masters come over from Italy as part of a European tour. The Festival is wildly popular in Italy and in Europe attracting millions of Gelato lovers every year. They are now rolling out across Europe and this is the second event in London following last year’s spectacular debut.

Last weekend hundreds of Londoners had the chance to be jurors and choose the best original flavour, but don’t worry if you missed it.

The Gelato Festival will be on until 3rd July before moving to Berlin.

The gelatieri are experimental – there are savoury flavours, sophisticated pairings and all the classics made fresh in the specially converted gelato trucks on site. They’ll be rolling into Spitalfields to serve the gelato, host a full timetable of masterclasses that you can find here

Gelato 1

Join the masterclasses! 

Masterclasses aim at educating on the difference between real traditional Italian gelato and ice cream. So each master will teach the audience about the inspiration, the exact ingredients they use and why so people can learn more about the world of gelato. There will be different themes, like fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, sorbet etc, and will include different kinds of desserts and cocktails.

Gelato master class

Dates and times:

Every day from Midday to 8pm
Sunday 3rd July: Midday to 7pm

To get involved or for more information,
please contact Amy Lainchbury 

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