Exploring new ideas at the Entrepreneurs Pitch

EP Entrepreneurs Pitch

The first Entrepreneur Pitch for 2017 was held this week at Joelson’s offices where five entrepreneurs presented their exciting business to a room of industry experts. The Entrepreneurs Pitch supports the many new ideas coming into the sector and brings together companies and innovators.

EP would like to thank the pitchers, all attendees and Joelson for their great spaces which provided the perfect environment.

The event kicked off with Katie Young, co-Founder of Bespoke Textile, a business that specialises in product development and sourcing for luxury labels and global consumer brands. With expertise in bespoke design and manufacture for ladies wear, Katie Young passionately spoke about her business, which today supplies 100,000s of bespoke unique textile items.

The next pitch was Wobble Ease, a stylish wedge that can be used to stop wobbling tables and doors. Basically “your pocket sized friend to always carry in your bag”. Some dragons commented: “My wife would love that!”

Next up was Alistair Scahill, founder of Thor, who has created a low-sugar soft drink solution that can address adults’ taste. With Thor, Alistair wanted to provide a real alternative to alcohol when out with friends. The adult soft drinks category is growing by 5.8%, hence the need for a tasty, low-sugar and premium soft drink.

Sam Rason then introduced Viva City, an app dedicated to Chinese Travellers to find and book local restaurants. Viva City is not a simple menu translator, but a dedicated app that helps Chinese solo travellers to understand the London food culture with a selection of restaurants handpicked by locals. Chinese tourist travelling abroad is constantly growing and could be doubled in 2020 to reach 234 million of tourist. In this large and thriving market of travellers that want to explore and know more about European culture, Viva City is seizing a business opportunity.
Last but not least, was Mridula’s Kitchen, who enticed everyone’s attention with her delicious street food concept. A world award winning cookbook and experienced cook, Mridula Baljekar creates a range of authentic recipes that are premium quality and truly authentic.

Through the Entrpreneurs Pitch, EP introduces many entrepreneurs to leading players across the sector. By building relationships between entrepreneurs and established businesses, our aim is to bring innovative and original concepts to the marketplace that help raising the profile of the industry as a whole.

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