Every food outlet is being challenged with new questions like never before

Sprung Collective. – Looking at options through a wider lens.

Sprung Collective was founded at the start of the last year by James Greetham, in partnership with EP. The aim was to create a new foodservice consultancy which really did look through a wider lens as it set out to create a strong approach for clients in their Food & Drink strategies. The new business has enjoyed a successful first year and is now looking forward towards a second year with a new senior partner set to join during the first quarter, which will only serve to build greater strength and knowledge.

One of the most frequent comments from clients is that there is a desire to think differently, to think outside of the box, to be innovative and to create change. This has applied to clients from the culture & heritage market as well as B&I and from hotels. How can food & drink play a deeper and more central role than ever before? How can stronger partnership be developed where all work towards common objectives?

Change is desired but not for the sake of it. It is important to look at services through a wider lens than ever before. Work patterns are changing. There are new digital services emerging. The employee, within businesses, is seeking a new service level. The consumer too is asking for more and to be inspired in new ways. Everything is being challenged as never before. One needs to understand the subtle changes, the innovation taking place, trends and influences.

What does Sprug do?

· Helps leadership teams create transformative change. Applies creativity and deep specialist experience, and drives big ideas backed by insight & expertise.

· Helps teams make brave, bold decisions to improve your organisation through exciting food, drink & service.

·Creates positive disruption with a roadmap of targeted interventions to transform foodservice propositions and ensure you stay relevant and high-performing.


·Works with leadership teams to align needs & business objectives with customer insight.

·Creates plans to re-energise your organisation by unlocking the maximum potential of the food, drink and service.

·Assembles and deploys deep specialists from the Sprung Collective – leading experts in hospitality, culinary arts, futurology, branding, marketing & communications.

We believe in supporting change through knowledge, understanding and partnership.

James Greetham,
Managing Director & Founder
Sprung Collective