“Every day, around 55 elephants are slaughtered for their ivory”

The words above were spoken by WWF-UK CEO Tanya Steele this week as they launched a project where an elephant hologram was projected around London.

It’s an impressive move from the renowned World Wildlife Fund but one which is needed to truly gain needed attention. This Stop Wildlife Trafficking campaign aimed to surpass 100,000 signatures (it’s on 114,000 and counting) on a petition to the British government to end illegal wildlife trafficking.

In the busy capital it can be difficult at times to remember the beauty and majesty of these animals and the project hopes to highlight the urgency of the need to protect them. It is a subject close to EP’s heart and just one of the reasons why there is an elephant conservation gala dinner on 22nd October. The charity evening event is to raise funds for Tofauti, a charity which specialises on projects that make a difference on the ground in Kenya. Some may ask this why this is so needed today.

“It’s obviously nothing new to care and support these gentle animals but today there is a great need to ensure their safety.”

The illegal wildlife trade is a serious organised crime and one of the biggest threats to wildlife like elephants, tigers and marine turtles. It also hurts the communities that live alongside them. Tofauti was created by Olympic Gold Medallist Crista Cullen who competed for Great Britain and was born in Kenya. Her family are based there and Crista has created the charity to make a real difference and ensure that monies raised go to the correct crafted projects at the right time.

It’s obviously nothing new to care and support these gentle animals but today there is a great need to ensure their safety. With around 55 elephants slaughtered each day, the brutal trade needs to end. To sign the WWF petition please follow the link here. For other who wish to join EP at the charity dinner please find further detail on the website here. With live entertainment, delicious Kenyan Indian menu, silent charity auction and beautiful elephant statutes painted and decorated by talented artists (which will be raffled off on the night) it is set to be a stimulating and rewarding gala dinner at The May Fair in London.

The Tofauti Foundation was born from a passion to make a difference to the people and wildlife of Africa. Crista draws on her experience as an elite athlete and brings a focus to conservation projects. With 20,000 elephants killed each year now is the time to act or face the real possibility that future generations will know elephants only from books, photos or films.