25 September 2021 – A Persian Dinner at the Army & Navy Club

Over the last 18 months, the importance of strong professional relationships, the sharing of ideas and thoughts, and genuine interaction has never felt more valued. As we continue through the remainder of the year, this need to engage and connect will remain strong.

To enable great new experiences, each month, we will be delighted to co-host a range of great dinners with food styles from all around the world with the aiming of bringing people together to learn, meet new people, make connections and build relationships.

25th September – A Persian Dinner, the Army & Navy Club, £85 per person

Iran can be a controversial topic but it is one of the world’s most important and influential cuisines. Iranian cooking is heir to no less than two and a half thousand years of saffron- and rosewater-scented history. The foods of the courts of ancient Persia included perfumed stews flavoured with cinnamon, mint, and pomegranates; elaborate stuffed fruits and vegetables; and tender roasted meats — dishes that have influenced the cooking of countries as far-flung as India and Morocco. In many ways, Persian food is the original mother cuisine.

The history of Iranian cooking goes back to the sixth century B.C., when Cyrus the Great, the leader of a tribe called the Pars (Persians), created an empire that eventually stretched from India to Egypt and parts of Greece. This vast, unified territory became a conduit of culture and cuisine, and native Persian ingredients such as saffron and rose water were spread throughout the empire.

For this dinner, a specially designed menu is being created for enjoyment. Food brings people together better than almost anything. It is time for us all to start reconnecting and building new relationships for the new landscape.

If you would like to learn more or reserve a place, please contact lauran.bush@epmagazine.co.uk