Leading Hospitality Events

Together we are stronger and have more fun. Be part of the conversation.

EP organises and hosts a range of interactive events aimed to open, inspire, build friendships and to make sure we don’t work in isolation. EP creates and hosts around 75 events a year that included conferences, black tie dinners, campaigns events, forums and special adventure activities. Events are targeted at bringing the community together to talk, network, build friendships and exchange ideas and thoughts.

For over a decade the approach and philosophy of EP is to be open and accessible to all and that together alliances in thinking can be created. This in turn allows all to grow and improve. The world is too complex and changing at such speed that we need to talk, debate and exchange ideas. The events seek to challenge perceptions and thinking and to give people and businesses the opportunity to build new friendships and contacts. EP experienced events team also manages events on behalf of clients, so if of interest please do get in touch. Their knowledge and experience can be of great value.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 30th January 2019

The Emerging Leaders Network
Central London


Fuelling Productivity Campaign
Central London

Thursday 31st January 2019

Do we need to look at the development of talent through different eyes?
Central London


The Great Service Debate Series
The Goring