EP has long been honoured to have hosted events at many of the industry’s leading hospitality ranging from The Royal Palaces to top sporting venues to leading hotels and restaurants. Since its founding, EP has hosted over 1,000 events which has brought industry leaders together to discuss many of the major issues, to meet emerging talent, and to explore many new ideas and entrepreneurial concepts.

EP possesses a proud history of working in partnership with many leading companies to engage industry, influencers and thought leaders.

These include:

  • The Rapport Series. We are delighted this year to be working with Rapport to host a series of events which really seek to explore the value & importance of personal service in the modern landscape.
  • Gastronomica. EP has been at the heart of creating a collaboration of over 45 companies coming together to create a series of events focused on food sustainability.
  • The Golden Bengal Jubilee – an anniversary dinner to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh’s Independence.
  • FPI – EP and Prestige Purchasing are working to create an annual showcase event with a focus on the issues surrounding the economy, food inflation and the supply chain
  • The Alix Partners Food Service Growth Report  – EP and Alix Partners have worked together for the last 8 years on the Food Service Growth Report which highlights the fastest growing independents in the sector.
  • What is next? A series of Think Tanks which focus on the future developments happening all across the industry.
  • The HVS, Bird & Bird, Alix Partners and EP Webinar Series. Over the last two years, we have hosted a series of successful webinars with HVS, Bird & Bird and Alix Partners which have attracted over 8,000 unique delegates from all across the globe.

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