Events and initiatives to challenge your thinking and create change

We are delighted to announce plans for a series of some major events during 2017, designed to explore key issues, share knowledge and to be thought-provoking. We aim to These include:

February – a dinner with Yasmin Khan, award-winning author, broadcaster and campaigner

March – we will be hosting a lecture on Modern Leadership – facing the key challenges of 2020

May – Fuelling Productivity Conference – Foodservice can play a leading role in today

June – Future Change facing the Hotel Industry

September – Modern Leadership Lecture – new expectations

October –The Sustainability Conference

November – The EPCIS Educations Awards in Scotland – nurturing the young

Industry and Social Initiatives

It is often said that it is important today for a business to work in support of social initiatives; that business has values that it will stand behind that are deeper than just about profit. In the modern era, investors, stakeholders and talent want to see leadership teams have a bigger purpose themselves – and there are some exceptional initiatives that really do impact on the market and on communities.

That too is our thinking. We are often asked – why do you do as much as you do? Why do you not focus more on less projects? Both fair comments bar we simply believe in better and in more. We want to stand with causes that are important and we want to help make a difference.

So what then is EP championing?

The European Hotel Managers Association – represents 440 hotels across Europe and is a body which truly believes in sharing knowledge, ideas and helping young talent. It is a body where talent can work in different countries, in different environments in order to gain new life experiences. It is a body that brings a value that few others can match.

Fuelling Productivity – food plays a key and meaningful role in daily life. It can play a bigger role than it does today in influencing health & well-being, mental health, combating loneliness, nurturing the young. It can make a real difference. Foodservice companies can play a genuine leadership role in society and communities – which would then inspire new talent and generations.

Change Please – We have been proud to have Cemal Ezal (founder) speak at a number of our conferences. Invariably he inspires a change in actions and it is a social initiative recently noted as being one of the most influential in the world.

Sustainability – this issue today sits on every board’s agenda and there is a momentum for change. Can 2020 be the year that really sees a step-change in this area?

UKCC – is a young body with a big heart. They want to bring young talent from many diverse markets together and to compete in the culinary world stage with the very best. They want to ask questions of the great teams from around with a mix of young and experienced talent with a love for great cuisine.

Lewes Football Club – a story to warm the heart of all true sports fans. A club which has someone exceptional people come together to take a community club forward to compete with far bigger names – but it is already the first club to pay women the same as men; to have over 33% of its board be women – the highest percentage of any club – and to ensure that the club is owned by the community. This club stands for something that is important but needs support. They want the football club to be a force for good. You too can be a part of their story –

Hospitality Skills are important – many businesses want to build personal relationships again with their customers and are looking towards hospitality to learn from. Hospitality skills have never been more important, so let’s ensure they are being promoted.

Leaders are struggling as much as emerging talent is. How can modern leaders be helped and prepared better?

Whether you agree with us or not, we believe the above is important to champion. That is one of our goals and purposes.