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This year EP made the strategic decision to grow it’s online presence and take the insightful content further. We are delighted to say we now have three growing websites which all have their own unique approach to information.

These will operate alongside EP’s Books and Reports and be closely aligned to the c75 events that take place each year.

Find out more about the websites below:

www.epinsights.co.uk is a platform for fascinating insights from top consultants and leading operators in the Hospitality Industry. The website is the hub for an open narrative and debate that explains the perspective and thinking of consultants in the market and industry.

www.epinnovates.com is designed to create constant and valuable interaction between Entrepreneurs and the Hospitality Industry. It can be hard for businesses to truly innovate, therefore EP runs this platform so businesses can find the latest thinking, concepts and products. Innovation can simply mean thinking differently in the way an organisation approaches problems. Today, new ideas must be designed to combat issues and also create solutions to problems that may be faced in the future.

www.epmagazine.co.uk acts as the central reference point for discussion and debate on the key issues of the day. Challenging traditional thinking through thought leadership – publications, digital platforms and events. The website also holds a valuable role as the location of EP’s campaign’s and activities. This includes ‘Hospitality Social Good’, ‘Beyond The Model’, Think Tank’s, Leadership Talks and more.

For more on EP contact: Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk

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