EP’s passion is simple – bringing people together to connect, to share knowledge and ideas.

It may be a strange thing to write but interestingly the interaction that we have had and the readership of articles and watching of online content has more than doubled over the last five months. Maybe it is not so strange as people have wanted to, had more time, to listen, to share ideas & knowledge and have had a deeper desire to act as a community.

Our values have always been old fashioned and based off working in trust, with intelligence and with good hospitality care at its heart. In 2019, we hosted close to 70 events. In 2020, we will have hosted close to 100 – most virtually. We have had over 50,000 views, via various sources, of the video interviews we have published and welcomed over 3000 guests to the virtual events we have hosted from all across the world.

It was and always remains the basis of EP’s mission and purpose; to bring people together, to connect, to share knowledge and ideas. It was often said that EP naturally attracted those who wanted to think progressively but we always wanted to be a medium that challenged traditional thinking, offered alternative views,  that reassured those who felt vulnerable, that discussed key issues so we could learn together, share ideas, innovation and connected people together for new roles, for business and for friendship.

We often get asked about our commercial model and it is relatively simple; we build a community so that we can connect business and people; to bring knowledge and ideas to those who seek a different perspective or want to be challenged.

Whether one agrees with us or not, we are fortunate to hear the thoughts of many experts every day which gives us a perspective which may be different but may be of value.

Our purpose and passion is to challenge traditional thinking, to bring new thinking to the fore and to help promote young voices and business through an engaged and supportive community.