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Man flies from Newcastle to London via Spain because its cheaper.

Joe Furness took the unusual route because it is less expensive to travel this way than on conventional public transport:

“Newcastle – London Train £78.50 Or Newcastle – Menorca🇪🇸  £15.99
Menorca – London 🇬🇧 £10.99 Car hire £7.50 Cocktail 🍸£4

I can have a night on a Spanish island, hire a car, have a cocktail on the beach, fly back to London and still have £40 left over….. OR I could have sat on a train. What would you have rather done?” Read more about this unusual journey.


A map of some European, African and Middle Eastern Capitals.

This intriguing map is being shared online but some are questioning some missing flags:



  • Copenhagen has no official city flag but does have a coat of arms
  • Some are questioning whether Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales should be represented
  • There are different flags for the City of London and Greater London

Find out more and view other flag maps.

HALF of all new parents claim they might name their child Corbyn in a bizarre tribute to the Labour leader.

  • The name – which was not traditionally used as a first name – has apparently soared in popularity thanks to the rise of the leftie politician.
  • 40 per cent are considering the name May – partly in homage to the PM – but just 4 per cent might opt for Theresa.
  • And only 1 per cent of parents say they might call their baby boy Nigel, now that the name is forever linked with Nigel Farage. Find out more.


Buy an Italian village for €250,000

Italian ‘ghost town’ for sale: Entire village available for less than price of a small London flat. Find out more.






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