EP’s Friday Light Relief

EP’s Light Relief

They are standards of English among middle aged and elderly people so poor?

Do You Know Jack Schitt?#

Jay Rayner on Greggs replacing Jesus with a sausage roll

Solution to children drawing on the walls?

“Interrupted House, 2017
Marker on latex paint
Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov 13th.”

Robert Harris (a remainer) makes a joke on twitter

However not everyone saw the joke:

Robert Harris‏:
“No no no you don’t understand. It was a JOKE!”

“Is this the typical inane response of a Brixiteer to rubbish irrefutable and inconvenient facts of the damage #brexit will do to major manufacturers UK economy is dependent upon? #skypapers #bbcnews”

Robert Harris‏:
“A joke! A joke!”

Marcus Shingler‏:
“And that is the intellectual might of a #Brexiteer Well done! #GoodWork”

Robert Harris‏:
“It. Was. A. Joke.”

Robert Harris‏:
“It was meant to be a — oh, God, what’s the use?”