EPCIS International Discussion Forum with – Richard Wood – Regional Director of Bespoke Hotels

With cities still struggling to attract tourists and business customers, rural locations are booming, particularly north of the Border. As people seek out the countryside in place of foreign holidays, some properties are already full and show no signs of getting quieter any time soon.

However, the fear is that this is merely a summer holiday bubble that will eventually burst and leave operators with big voids to fill.

As we continue this series of forums to help share knowledge, we explored
the changes that Richard and his teams have had to make as the business re-opens to the public, and what’s to come over the autumn horizon. Discussions included the importance of localism, city centre vs rural locations, innovation, the need to give hope to and retain good talent as well as the pressure on business leaders was discussed.

Bespoke Hotels have, like many businesses, undertaken significant work in order to make customers and staff feel safe and welcome since lock-down was lifted earlier last month.

A great conversation and definitely worth a listen.