EPCIS discussion forum on mental health & well-being with Gary Young of Mindfulness Enterprise

We were delighted to host a Q&A discussion forum with Gary Young, founder and director of the Mindfulness Enterprise, on the crucial role that positive mental health plays in well-being and productivity – and will continue to play as Scotland’s hospitality sector cautiously returns to work.

With so many employees and indeed employers affected by mental health issues and the likelihood that this trend will continue over the coming months, there has never been a more important time to debate the issues, and to identify ways to help people – young and old – through the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The discussion highlighted the importance of open and honest conversations, the fear and anxiety which leaders and staff alike are struggling with and the need for tools to help build resilience and a positive mental attitude.

Kindness, care and compassion have never been more important as we work together to overcome this difficult time and that coming together to share knowledge and fears really does make a marked and positive difference.

A very interesting and honest discussion well worth a listen.