EPCIS – Created to showcase exceptional food service and initiatives within Scottish Education.

The Scottish Hospitality Industry has long been one of the crown jewels within the UK Hospitality Industry. It possesses a number of the great hotels as well as has a proud history of some of the great industry leaders who have been important figures over the years.Often great work goes unseen and one of the key battlegrounds has been taking place in schools. There are a number of impressive examples of real work taking place to battle obesity, mental health issues, and to improve the overall wellness and health of the young in the nation. Scotland has long been criticised for its diets and health – but there are many that have been taking action and there is genuine change in the air.

There is a real passion for progressive action to support the young. Food Service can lead.

There is a new momentum building that understands that nurturing the young is not simply education based but must include everything that surrounds education too – and sitting at the epicenter is food service along with sport, wellness and the development of character. There is a genuine passion for change and for the need to ensure that the young are being nurtured to the best of our abilities.
This can be a new and exciting era as progressive thinking and new ideas are breaking through, combined with this is a real desire to not just accept the issues that the young are experiencing but to proactively create a stronger support process to combat these.

EPCIS is a JV between Catering Scotland and EP and one that we are both very excited about. We are therefore delighted to announce that we are planning a number of events that we want as much involvement in as possible – from across all industry sectors. 

These include:

·        A series of forums that focus upon mental health and the need to support the development of mental robustness to combat the pressures of daily life

·        A series of forums on sustainability

·        An Awards hosted in November to celebrate the great work being carried out in schools. One of our core aims is to showcase great examples of the good work and positive change taking place

·        Championing the importance of hospitality education

·        A series of forums that focus on the evolution of food styles and diet along with well-being.

Scotland is taking progressive actions and EPCIS want to support these actions, share knowledge and actively promote the good work in play. We would love your involvement in this.