EP…Championing the Best of Industry.

It is often said that EP is involved in so many initiatives that it can be hard to really understand the core focus, which is a fair comment. This is because we are so often approached to support or partner on key campaigns as it is well known that we will champion good campaigns, key debates and discussion that are focused on progressive ideas and thinking.

In truth this is our goal and core focus – to champion new and progressive ideas and thinking that do support and represent the best of the industry. There is a lot of change taking place at speed across the industry both in UK and globally. This new decade could see an even faster pace of change than has been seen before and we believe that our role is simply to bring ideas and people together to connect, grow, learn and share knowledge.

As we enter 2020, we are delighted to be supporting:

  • The Fuelling Productivity campaign which is focused on how food service can really make a substantial difference to productivity and in daily life. Alongside this, we are also developing sub-campaigns:
    • Fuelling Sustainability
    • Fuelling Innovation
    • Fuelling Health and Wellbeing

As part of this process, we are this year aiming to produce a guide of how to procure and develop great food service strategies alongside some of the leading thinkers and experts in the sector.

  • Developing a forum with leading Hospitality Educators who are seeking to create a stronger relationship and way forward with Industry
  • Working with the new FairTipShare body to bring clarity to the issue of service charges
  • Launching a new Awards for Excellence for schools and colleges in Scotland in partnership with Catering in Scotland
  • Developing a network for Emerging Leaders along with a panel of coaches and mentors.
  • Working with The European Hotel Manager’s Association in the UK and abroad
  • Working with UKCC as they strive to support the development of great diverse talent within the Industry
  • Writing and publishing new books on both Leadership and the Evolution of Services & Sustainability.

Our hope is that you will join us and get involved as we seek to move discussions forward this year. You are certainly very welcome.

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