EP Webinar – The Future of Events 2021, What do the experts say?

The UK major events sector has long been world-class as leading events have always played a central role in UK society. The events sector does play a far more important role than often it is given the credit for. It is the piece which many feel they are missing most – great sporting occasions, the great festivals, the coming together at dinners, making life long memories and socially attending landmark venues.

How the market recovers can be a good and fair benchmark for how the economy and country also recover. The Government’s announcement this week has taken the “wind” out of many.

There is a desire to see stadia and operations begin to re-open but what is the road back? How long will the recovery process take and how will it change the industry?

The events sector has been one of the most adversely affected of any sector with forecasts talking of close to 100,000 jobs lost, 70% of events cancelled which therefore equates to a loss of around £9 billion of the expected £14 billion value. To add to the problems, Brexit has once again come to the fore and over 72% of businesses believe this will have an adverse effect.

We were delighted to welcome over 130 guests to list to an excellent panel of expert speakers which comprised of:

· Kevin Watson,
MD, Amadeus

· Greg Lawson,
CEO Smart Group

· Jonathan Davies,
Managing Director, MD, Levy UK

· Adam Elliott,
Co-founder, Paragon Hospitality

· Paul Jackson,
MD, Searcys

· Neil McLaurin,
Chairman, D&G Group

· Andrew White,
MD, Triggerfish

A very candid and interesting discussion well worth a listen.