EP Technology and Innovation Event – Dragons Den Pitch

EP were delighted to host a forum celebrating and promoting innovation, technology and products. With 5 dynamic businesses sharing their stories and service opportunities in front of a panel of judges from contract catering, consultancy, hotels, clients and hospitality, a great discussion and knowledge share opportunity ensued.

Innovation, collaboration and the need for big business to support smaller business were themes that resonated with all and have in fairness never been more important. Helping businesses build those relationships that are essential to their mutual growth whilst assisting businesses to build for the future, improve guest experience and ensure staff safety in this ever changing world is something which is essential for all.

Great presentations were delivered by:

Dynamify: www.dynamify.com
Fashionizer: www.fashionizer.com
Zennio: www.zenio.co.uk
Liquidline: www.liquidline.co.uk
Firsti: www.wearefirsti.com

A video well worth watching – please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any additional information about or contact to these businesses.

Thank you to all our Dragons and businesses who joined us!