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EP’s new initiative, EP Taste, has been created as a resource to give its members regular opportunities to experience new trends in the world of gastronomy. Membership is £85 per year, and gives discounted access to regular food tours and other events, and our weekly email full of news and views, what’s opening and closing and insights from chefs and other experts.

Our next food tour is of Shoreditch on Wednesday 21st October at 3pm, join us as we experience a wide variety of concepts, chat to operators and taste what they have to offer, in an afternoon designed to help hospitality professionals keep up with what’s new and innovative in the industry.

Highlights include:

  • 3-hour food guided walking tour
  • Tastings at select restaurants
  • Discussions with operators about inspiration, customers and what they’ve noticed
  • A light meal at one of the locations
  • Small-tour group ensuring a more personal experience

Tours work best with 6-10 people and around 3pm-6pm, but depending on the venues we can be flexible.

The Shoreditch tour is £60 for EP Taste members and £85 for non-members.

For more information about joining us on Wednesday 21st or becoming a member of EP Taste please contact
Amy Lainchbury

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