EP: Standing apart through facilitation, collaboration and creation

EP Business in Hospitality has long been well regarded for its thought leadership, its facilitation in knowledge share and has been viewed as one of the best networks for bringing senior industry players together.

Since the pandemic, EP has attracted and built several new work streams and services as an increasing number of companies have wanted to share ideas, knowledge and to collaborate in new ways. Altogether it has allowed EP to now launch a new structure, in alliance with a wealth of proven industry expertise, to bring new services to support clients’ concerns.

This September, we are therefore delighted to launch:

This is an exciting new period as EP works with some excellent partners but also some truly innovative projects which are progressive in many ways.
This includes:

  • EP Accelerator: We are very fortunate that our position in the hospitality industry constantly guides a great pipeline of entrepreneurs to us, seeking advice and funding for their start-ups and scale up businesses. The key mission of EP Accelerator is to provide these entrepreneurs with access to relevant funds and investors who are interested in exciting opportunities in hospitality.
  • EP In Collaboration: We are presently working on creating new frameworks which will share knowledge and insights between aligned industry sectors. What can one learn or gain from another? Furthermore, we are working in support of initiatives which have a focus on social sustainability and where the industry can play an important role in society.
  • EP Creative Concepts: All are working on how the customer journey can be improved, how new services can be innovated and how can consumer spends be maximized. EP is working with a specialist EP to create new concepts and engagement across several markets from hotels to heritage sites to stadia and sport to cafes and tea bars.
  • EP Communications: It is becoming increasingly harder to communicate effectively and EP is fortunate to be working with a leading expert in this area. How companies develop their narratives has never been more important.
  • EP Events: We have a full programme of great events for Q4 and are delighted to work with venues across the country to bring new events to life.
  • EP Thought Leadership: over the last few months, we have been developing a team of younger talents with a fresh voice to bring new thinking to our audience and to support the existing perspectives which have been offered. This has received a lot of good feedback as many have enjoyed hearing the perspectives of emerging talent and enjoy the fact that EP does often bring an alternative perspective to be considered. We will possess a central team focused on developing this over the next months.
  • EP Senior Appointments: We will be launching both a new service for both senior level appointments and for culinary roles which are once again based on expertise and personal representation.
  • EP Advisory and Consultancy: There are a whole number of venues and organisations seeking to reinvent themselves and develop new experiences. EP is fortunate to be seeing new hotel resorts in planning, new food concepts and new groundbreaking hospitality venues.

There is an exciting new market emerging; one which is very different and one which seeks new solutions. The new structure is the result of the opportunities emerging in the marketplace as many boards are asking the question – how do we improve? What is next? How can we innovate?

For more information, please contact Izzy.mchattie@epmagazine.co.uk